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Sustainability & serving our community

We are committed to our mission and core values in a way that promotes corporate social and environmental responsibility. We believe it is critical that we are good stewards of the limited global resources at our disposal to ensure that future generations will have what they need to meet their requirements.


Community partnerships

We’re passionate about what we do, and we partner with like-minded nonprofits to bring our supplements and our message across town and across the globe.

  • Vitamin Angels Since 2011, Metagenics has helped reach over 1.4 million women and children with life-changing and life-saving vitamins and minerals through our partnership with Vitamin Angels.
  • Food drives Metagenics partners with Families Forward to donate food to those in need; also 200,000+ nutrition bars have been donated to charitable organizations to help in the fight against hunger.
  • Coat drives Partnered with One Warm Coat to donate enough coats and funds to warm more than 6,700 families across North America.

Sustainability initiatives

We ship to practitioners every day to help their patients live happier, healthier lives. We get these products to their destinations without wasteful packaging.

  • Sustainable sourcing: Our fish are always sourced from fisheries that observe best practices for protecting endangered species and their ocean environments.
  • Zero-water footprint: All water from our Gig Harbor campus is treated and sent back to the Puget Sound.
  • LEED-certified facilities: Corporate headquarters in Aliso Viejo, California, is a LEED-certified building. LEED certification is awarded to buildings that use less water and energy and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Social responsibility

Doing our part begins at home. Inspired by the passion of our people to give back to the community, Metagenics provides time off for volunteering hours, including opportunities for group volunteer days. In addition, our employee wellness programs include support for mental and emotional health.

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