Probiotics are good or “friendly” bacteria designed to maintain healthy gut microbiota and provide various health benefits. The UltraFlora family offers 11 different blends of probiotic strains designed for specific health outcomes.* Some probiotic products may contain strains without scientifically established health benefits and may not contain any health-promoting bacteria at all. Each UltraFlora blend has been scientifically tested at specific dosages and is clinically shown to support healthy outcomes, such as gastrointestinal health maintenance, immune health support, and women’s health support.*

At Metagenics, transparency is one of our core values, so we make sure to list every probiotic by full genus, species, and strain. All of our products are tested and re-tested for contaminants (including gluten, mold, yeast, and other potentially harmful bacteria) to ensure purity and confirm they contain only those ingredients listed on the bottle. We call it the ID Guarantee™, and it’s our promise to deliver only the highest quality probiotic possible.

guarantee potency, too. All of our probiotics are kept strictly temperature controlled from production to storage to shipping with cool packs and are ensured to contain the listed number of colony forming units (CFUs) through date of expiration.


UltraFlora® Women's UltraFlora® Women's
Oral probiotic for optimal female vaginal, immune, and urinary trac...
UltraFlora® Balance UltraFlora® Balance
Daily probiotic support for gastrointestinal & immune health*
UltraFlora® Spectrum UltraFlora® Spectrum
Broad spectrum probiotic for gastrointestinal & immune health*
UltraFlora® Control UltraFlora® Control
Targeted to help control body weight*
UltraFlora® BiomePro UltraFlora® BiomePro
Multistrain. Clinically effective doses.
MetaKids™ Probiotic MetaKids™ Probiotic
Chewable Daily Probiotic Support*
UltraFlora® IB UltraFlora® IB
Targeted Relief for Occasional Intestinal Distress *
UltraFlora® Immune Booster UltraFlora® Immune Booster
Targeted Probiotic Support for Healthy Nasal, Sinus & Respirato...
UltraFlora® Acute Care UltraFlora® Acute Care
Targeted Relief for Acute Bowel Distress*
UltraFlora® Integrity UltraFlora® Integrity
Targeted to Help Support Intestinal Immune Health*
MetaKids™ Baby Probiotic MetaKids™ Baby Probiotic
Probiotic Support for Babies and Young Children*
UltraFlora® Synergy UltraFlora® Synergy
Daily Probiotic for Immune Health & Digestive Support* Featurin...
UltraFlora® Restore UltraFlora® Restore
Targeted Relief for Occasional Microbiota Disruption*
UltraFlora® Intensive Care UltraFlora® Intensive Care
Targeted Relief for Occasional GI Discomfort*


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