Neurological Health

Cognitive and emotional health can have a powerful impact on overall wellness. We offer a variety of formulas to specifically encourage healthy mood and support healthy neurological function.

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Neurosol® Neurosol®
Nervous System Health Support*
NuSera® NuSera®
Relief for Stressful Moments *
GinkgoRose™ GinkgoRose™
Support for Healthy Mental Function*
Attencia® Attencia®
Supports Focus and Cognitive Performance*
MCT Powder MCT Powder
Helps to Increase Ketone Production †* Featuring MCT Oil Conc...
MitoVive™ MitoVive™
Mitochondria & Cell Function Support *
Mag L-Threonate Mag L-Threonate
Designed to Help Support Cognitive Health *
Ketogenic Soup Ketogenic Soup
14 Grams of Fat with 3 Grams of MCT per Serving
Helps to Increase Ketone Production †* Concentrated to 90% C8 ...
Cenitol® Cenitol®
Nervous System Support *
Tran-Q® Tran-Q®
Support for Stress Management*
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