Vegetarian products

At Metagenics, we’re rooted in the belief that transparency matters. Whether you’re vegetarian or vegan or just want to know where your products come from, we have you covered. You can trust that what’s on our labels is what’s in our products.

Why are our products labeled vegetarian and not vegan?

For products containing only non-animal-derived ingredients, look for those labeled vegetarian. Currently, the FDA, FTC, and USDA do not have a formal definition for vegan products, although there are various organizations that certify products and/or ingredients as vegan.

Hemp quality

Surprises are great! Just not in your supplements.

At Metagenics, we believe in full transparency, which means no hidden ingredients, ever. You can trust that our 100+ products marked with our vegetarian label contain only non-animal-derived ingredients.

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Quality you can trust.

At Metagenics, we believe that trust is the foundation of all great relationships, which is why we developed TruQuality™. TruQuality offers the very first platform of its kind, granting full visibility to testing information for every single batch we make. That's transparency and quality you can trust.

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Sustainable is attainable.

We are committed to supporting our global community and doing our part for a sustainable future.


Check out our most popular vegetarian products.

D3 Algae

D3 Algae™

Vegetarian, bioavailable vitamin D

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UltraFlora BiomePro

UltraFlora® BiomePro

Multistrain. Clinically effective doses.

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Plant-derived menopausal hot flash relief*

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CardioLux HDL

Mag Glycinate

Highly absorbable magnesium

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