Cold Shipping Policy

Metagenics’ probiotics have been tested and shown to withstand the extreme temperatures that they potentially may be exposed to during a normal shipping cycle, even without gel-ice packs or refrigeration. Our probiotic label claims are guaranteed through the date of expiration when our products are stored according to label instructions upon receipt of the product. Please note that the gel-ice packs absorb heat during shipping and they may be warm or hot upon arrival. This is normal.

We ship our probiotics, bars, and softgel products with frozen gel-ice packs, consistent with the following Cold Shipping Policy:

  • Probiotics and softgels – Practitioners and patients placing orders by phone or through the Metagenics eCommerce platform will have the option to add a gel-ice pack to their orders of probiotics or select softgel products at checkout, for an additional fee ($2.99). This option will be available only when the temperature is projected to be above 80 degrees in the delivery zone on the projected date of delivery. The $2.99 fee will be waived on practitioner wholesale orders valued at or above $250, but the addition of gel-ice packs must be selected at checkout.
  • Bar products – During warmer months (typically May 1 to November 1), we may elect to use gel-ice packs at our discretion when shipping any of our bars, to keep them from getting soft or melting. These products do not need to be refrigerated upon arrival. There is no charge to the practitioner or patient for gel-ice packs when ordering bars.