EstroFactors® Capsules

Targeted Support for Healthy Estrogen Metabolism*
EstroFactors® Capsules
EstroFactors® Capsules

EstroFactors® is a unique formula featuring phytonutrients that provide targeted support for healthy estrogen metabolism. Offering highly bioavailable BioResponse DIM® which may promote the 2-hydroxy estrone pathway. HMR lignans are also featured to increase the production of enterolactone, which has been associated with reduced aromatase activity.*

Serving size: 2 Capsules
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New formula SUCKS

I have been taking this supplement for a few years and it has helped with my estrogen metabolism.

They changed the formula and now you should take twice as much. It does not work even when you take the 2 capsules. I am so disappointed.

The price has stayed the same for the bottle of 60 but now they recommend you take two...

I wish there was an explanation why this change was made. Not a very happy customer at this point.

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Helped so much with sore breasts.

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I love this product! Ive been taking it for yrs to manage my pre and now post menopause symptoms. When I moved here from CO I had a hard time finding an easy and cost effective way to purchase the product. Then I started going to a new chiropractor and am now able to order EstroFactors through him. I would highly reccomend this product.

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Waste of money

Doesn't help. I've been using on and off for over a year. In the beginning it seemed to help. Then I tried switching it up to take a different times, added one tablet, to see if it would change. I did not. I see from the reviews there was a formula change. That may have been the problem. Now going to try Estrovera.

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Happy again

I love this product! I felt an instant boost in energy as soon as I started taking them!!

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