Support for Healthy Lipid Metabolism*

Niatain® features a high quality form of extended release nicotinic acid designed to reduce the flushing normally associated with niacin intake. It has been formulated with a non-wax coating for effective dissolution and tested for reduced flushing. For decades, niacin has been extensively researched and endorsed as support for healthy lipid metabolism.*

Serving size: 1 Tablet
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Formula Change

I was disappointed that the formula was recently changed without a reasonable explanation. I had been ordering just for the niacin. The old formula worked as advertized; what added benefit the new formula may have is to be determined.

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Reaction to Niatain

I had an intense adverse reaction 2 hours after I took a single tablet with a meal. My arms and face, then my ears and throat, then abdomen and thighs, suddenly developed a blotchy red, prickly rash. It was scary! It took a couple of hours to subside. I originally bought 3 bottles, at my doctor's direction, but I sent the two unopened bottles back. I don't want to risk another reaction like that again

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