OmegaGenics® EPA-DHA 1000

Triglyceride Form
Helps Support Cardiovascular, Musculoskeletal, & Immune System Health*
OmegaGenics® EPA-DHA 1000 features a concentrated, purified source of omega-3 fatty acids in triglyceride form from sustainably sourced, cold-water fish. Each softgel provides a total of 710 mg EPA and 290 mg DHA.

All OmegaGenics formulas are tested for purity and quality and stabilized with antioxidants to maintain freshness. Learn more about TruQuality® at

Serving size: 1 Softgel
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Product *****, order process **

The product is excellent. The order process is barely fair. Three different problems cause the loss of three stars in that area.
-1: Although I have been a repeat customer for several years, I never get the repeat-order discount because my order schedule is not the same as your shipment options. We often spend every three months abroad and need to pack three months' worth of vitamins to take with us, and put orders on hold for the interim. That hold guarantees that we lose our 10% discount for repeat orders.
-2: The order form is very confusing because I cannot change the number of bottles to match our travel plans. I am forced to start a new order with a needed number of containers. Now my order-history page is so complicated that to get the correct number of bottles at the correct time, I may end up having to delete every order format from the past.
-3: Probably because of that, this time our six-bottle order was duplicated, on two different order numbers, delivered in two different boxes at the same time. That was quite bizarre. I kept the extra order because that keeps me from having to order a perishable, oil-based product during the hottest summer. But once again, we lose our repeat-order discount... One would think that ordering several months' worth at one time is worth the same discount as having you pack, ship, and pay for delivery of something every month. Apparently not to you.
This makes it worth buying directly from our doctor; at least he can get the discount since we forfeit it every time.

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OmegaGenic EPS-DHA 1000

My cardiologist prescribed these Omega 3 capsules for me about four years ago. My blood work is much improved ... since I started taking them. An added benefit is there is no aftertaste or regurgitation. Highly recommend.

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It works!

My cardiologist highly recommended OmegaGenics EPA-DHA 1000 ... I had a blood panel workup done before I switched and again six months after I switched. There was a significance positive difference in my blood lipids that showed up after I had been on the OmegaGenics product. It works!

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Metagenics service

Fairly simple: Easy to find required product on site, quick turn around to order and receive product, reasonable pricing for high quality of product.

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Never arrived

Very unhappy with my first experience with Metagenics. I paid for and never received this item with the others. For some reason customer service said it was my job to chase USPS. So now I am without it and you have my money.
Big thumbs down.
0 stars.

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