Quercetin 500

Promotes a healthy immune response and cardiovascular function*
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Quercetin 500
Quercetin 500
Quercetin 500 features 500 mg of quercetin in one capsule to promote a healthy immune response, support cardiovascular and endothelial health, and support antioxidant status.*
Serving size: 1-2 Capsules
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Why quercetin?

Quercetin is one of the most studied dietary flavonoids and is often found in a variety of plant foods including fruits, vegetables, and tea. Although a lot of foods contain quercetin, the daily intake of quercetin for a person following a typical Western diet is estimated to be between 0 and 30 mg per day. However, research shows that the immune and cardiovascular benefits of quercetin are reached at supplemental intakes of 500 mg to 1,000 mg per day.*

Quercetin 500
Cardiovascular health

Cardiovascular health

Quercetin plays multiple roles in supporting cardiovascular health. It helps maintain healthy blood pressure levels already in the normal range and helps promote the expression and activity of paraoxonase (PON), a HDL-associated protein with antioxidant properties. Quercetin also encourages healthy endothelial function.*

Immune response

Quercetin supports a healthy immune response. Preclinical studies demonstrate that quercetin affects immunity by acting on leukocytes and other immune cells.*

Immune response
Oxidative stress protection

Oxidative stress protection

Free radical scavenging antioxidants like quercetin protect cells from harmful free radicals and inhibit oxidative stress.*


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