UltraClear® Plus

Advanced Nutritional Support for Metabolic Detoxification*
UltraClear® Plus
UltraClear® Plus

UltraClear Plus® is formulated to provide enhanced, specialized support for balanced metabolic detoxification, including macro- and micronutrients to address liver function. This formula features glycine and L-cysteine to help support Phase II liver detoxification. Green tea catechins and beta-carotene provide protection against potentially harmful compounds generated during the natural liver detoxification process. Provided in a base of 13 g OptiProtein® (10 g of intact rice protein plus 3 g of added amino acids)—which may benefit liver function during metabolic detoxification—this formula provides well-rounded nutritional support.*

Serving size: About 2 Scoops

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Ultra Clear Plus is the best way to start the day

I have been making a smoothie using this for over 25 years and always feel the best when I start my day this way!!! I mix it with green tea and add frozen berries and 2 handfuls of greens.

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