UltraFlora® Synergy

Daily Probiotic for Immune Health & Digestive Support* Featuring Valuable Prebiotics
UltraFlora® Synergy
UltraFlora® Synergy

UltraFlora® Synergy provides a non-dairy base for a blend of highly viable, pure strains of L. acidophilus NCFM® and B. lactis Bi-07®—“friendly” bacteria that have been clinically shown to support a healthy intestinal environment and immune health. This formula also features valuable prebiotics (fructooligosaccharides) to promote the growth of beneficial bacteria.*

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Serving size: About 1/4 Teaspoon (.75 g)
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UltraFlora Synergy

This item is one I have been using for 20 years. It is OK. It was better years ago before you changed the recipe, but it is OK.
I liked it better when it was UltraBifidus--good for babies AND old people.

I am most upset with your service. In the past 6 months it has been slower.
My last order (in July) was shipped in the middle of a heat wave, with no refrigerant and with one small piece of paper for packing--it was a mess.
It arrived with the bottles broken, the powder melted onto everything. I threw it away. I called your office. The woman who answered tried to tell me that "studies showed..." refrigerant is no longer needed as the product lives in the body which is 98 degrees. This is of course absurd since the product is supposed to be activated at body temperature, NOT stored at 100 degrees!
So I got a new shipment which arrived properly packed, WITH refrigerant and it is fine. Thank you very much!

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