UltraInflamX Plus 360°®

Advanced Support for the Nutritional Management of Compromised Gut Function in IBD
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UltraInflamX Plus 360°®
UltraInflamX Plus 360°®

UltraInflamXPlus 360°® is formulated to provide macro- and micronutrient support for people with compromised gut function from inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), including ulcerative colitis and Crohn’s. While curcumin’s healthful properties are well-known, the body can have trouble absorbing it. UltraInflamX Plus 360° features a clinically studied, patented blend of curcumin and fenugreek designed for easier absorption and more reliable clinical outcomes.

  • Formula addresses distinct nutritional needs of those with compromised gut function
  • Addresses potential malabsorption associated with IBD
  • Features a proprietary pea/rice protein base formula with 2-3 g sugar
Serving size: 2 Level Scoops
Size Description:

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Your products are generally over-flavored and over priced. I put them in smoothies, with all these nice tasty ingredients... which they overpower with your artificial flavorings. And the fact that your 14 serving bag costs two thirds the price of a 30 serving bag, yet many flavors don't come in the large size – that is absurd, and price gouging. I would not buy them at all if not required by my doctor. Whether they work or not, I can't tell – I take too many other things to help my digestive system to be able to know what they're doing. I just wish I could be dealing with a company that showed more fairness to its clients.

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Love this product.

I was on GI replenish before this product. I couldn't tolerate the GI replenish. But I have to say this is a wonderful product. the flavor is very good and it mixes very well. my IBS and gut health has completely stayed in check through the whole 14 days of trying this. even after i ran out of the product. I would highly recommend this one.

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Best protein and IBS shake

With having IBS, my primary care doctor prescribed Ultrainflamx to have daily !! This has certainly helped and having been using this product for many years !

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UltraInflamX Plus 360 Chocolate Orange

Excellent taste with loads of essential vitamins. Very happy with this product that is why I gave it a 5 stars!

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Amazing for IBS

My doctor prescribed this product many years ago for my IBS and it certainly helps ! I would highly recommend it!

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