Wellness Essentials Brain Health

Provides comprehensive support for cognitive function and brain health*
Wellness Essentials Brain Health
Wellness Essentials Brain Health
Wellness Essentials Brain Health is formulated to target your unique nutritional needs to support brain health and overall wellness.*
Each once-daily packet provides:

Multifaceted health support: PhytoMulti® features a proprietary blend of 13 concentrated extracts and phytonutrients with scientifically tested biological activity to support cellular health and overall wellness.*

Cognitive health support: Features Magnesium L-Threonate, designed to support cognitive health. Magnesium, a divalent cation, is important for neuronal activity as it binds to neurotransmitter receptors and is a co-factor for neuronal enzymes.*

Mitochondrial function support: CoQ10 is essential for energy production by supporting mitochondrial function.*

Antioxidant activity and glucose metabolism support: Features Meta-Lipoate® 300, a high quality alpha-lipoic acid which may protect tissues from free radicals, as well as support healthy glucose metabolism and cellular health.*

Cognitive and eye health: OmegaGenics® Neuro 1000 features a concentrated, purified source of omega-3 fatty acids with 750mg DHA and 250mg EPA per softgel.*

Serving size: 1 Packet
Size Description:

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To early to review the product at this time. But, the packing was outrageous. A huge box with lots of paper and the box read “Fragile” on it. WHAT?!

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Brain health

I recently bought these supplements for my father who is 70 years old and made a huge difference! He had more metal clarity and focus better. Very satisfied with results.

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Wellness Essentials Brain Health

Excellent. Can feel a solid level of concentration that lasts. Love this product.

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